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Welcome to the future of trading crypto safely

ZEBTX is committed to rebuilding trust in the crypto market by eliminating all fraudulent activities. Join us in this endeavor and invest now to become a valued partner in our mission for a transparent and secure token project.

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About Us

Watch our video and let us show you the capabilities of ZebtX

The crypto market is evolving, and ZebtX is at the forefront of this evolution. Our primary goal is to raise funds to develop a platform that incorporates state-of-the-art escrow services, ensuring unparalleled security for buyers in the crypto space.

Presale Price

The following is the current price of ZebtX in the first period of presale.

1 ZBX = 0.02 USD

Public Sale Price

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Smart Contract Address


Token Distribution

Token Name: ZebtX

Token Symbol: ZBX

Chain: ERC-20

Decimal: 18

Token Supply: 500 million

Escrow Services

Learn more about the state of the art ZebtX Escrow Services


There will be a team of escrow officers to monitor all transactions and resolve any issues

Safe &

The buyer can inspect the product / service before approving the escrow release ensuring secure transactions


We only charge 0.50% on holding your tokens for upto 12 hours, a record low fee in the market.

Road Map

Learn more about our goals down the line

Stage 1:

(Q4 2023)

First recruitment round 21/11/23

Token creation

Presale launch

Stage 2:

(Q1 2024)

Second recruitment round 1/1/24

Launch of the main-site

Launch of Escrow application

Stage 3:

(Q2 2024)

Third recruitment round 1/3/24

launch of the token to the market (such as Binance, Uniswap & more) on 1/4/24


How to buy ZBX Tokens?

1. Connect Your Wallet

Click on the connect button and your default wallet (Like metamask/trustwallet) will connect.

2. Select your payment method

ZBX tokens can be purchased by ETH or USDT, make sure you have enough gas fees to cover the transactions.

3. Claim Your tokens

Once bought, wait for the claim period to start after the presale ends so you can redeem your ZBX tokens from the token claim dashboard.


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Claim Your Tokens here

Claimable Tokens
Claim Status

Account Address


Please connect your wallet to view the claim status and your claimable tokens which you purchased. Once the presale has ended, the claim status will shift to "Positive" and all participants will be allowed to claim their tokens.


Still Confused? Please consult our guides

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View some of the commonly asked questions here

ZebtX is a project here to revolutionize the crypto market by ensuring secure payments and reducing fraudulent activities

All you need to do is connect your wallet and enter the amount of ETH or USDT you want to buy the tokens for and press the buy button. You will be able to claim your tokens once the presale is over.

Once the presale ends, you just need to connect your wallet in the token dashboard and press the claim button. Once the transaction is complete, import the ZBX address into your wallet and you'll be able to see your tokens.

ZebtX (ZBX) is currently on the ETH blockchain network.

You can use any web3 wallet like metamask & trust wallet.

If you have any question feel free to contact us!


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